The Doctor

Dr. Paul Gully, D.C.

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Dr. Paul T. Gully is a third-generation chiropractor who started practicing in Mobile after graduating from Texas Chiropractic College in 1981. He joined his father, Dr. T. E. Gully, who graduated from TCC in 1954 and, after a two-year stint in the army, joined his father, Dr. R. P. Gully, who graduated from TCC in 1928.

Dr. R. P. Gully had offices in Mobile at 60 N. Conception Street, and later on St. Michael Street. After Dr. T. E. Gully joined the practice, the clinic moved to 2721 Spring Hill Ave. in the Crichton area of Mobile. After Dr. R. P. Gully passed away in 1962, Dr. T. E. Gully continued in solo practice until 1981. At that time, Dr. Paul T. Gully, or "Dr. Paul" as many patients refer to him, joined him and the practice was moved to its current location. Dr. T. E. Gully semi-retired in 1996 working two days a week until retiring completely in 2012 after 55 years of practice.

On a personal note, Dr. Paul has been married to the former Kim McDonald of Mobile since 1977. They have two children: Ashley See (Lt. Col. Stephen) who have given them three grandchildren, Ethan Paul, Addison Kate and Evan Asher, and Adam Gully (Amanda) who have given them two grandchildren, John Castle and Liesl Amelia,

Mom 20and 20DadDr. Gully has benefited from a lifetime of chiropractic care personally, a quality education at TCC, and many hours of continuing education. He built his practice on the knowledge and experience of the two previous generations and has provided quality chiropractic care in the Mobile area for over 30 years.

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